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Dr. Grinstead Urges You To Support the Florida's FFPCA's Fight Against 
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"There's No Question The Use Of Chemical Weapons Show An App
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Photo: AP Frame from a dash cam video provided by the Marana Police Department, a police vehicle nears Mario Valencia in Marana, Ariz.

Dramatic dash cam video released Tuesday, April 14 shows a police officer using his
TUCSON, Ariz.  Dramatic dash-cam videos of an arrest in Arizona showed an officer plowing his cruiser into an armed robbery suspect at high speed, once again putting police actions under the public microscope.

Experts on Wednesday called the officer's tactics unconventional and even outrageous — but justified, given the circumstances. The images police released Tuesday provoked intense responses among tens of thousands of people after they were posted on the Internet, providing a new angle to the national debate over policing. Some expressed outrage, accusing the officer of improperly using deadly force. Others said he deserves a medal for managing to quickly and safely end a standoff with a dangerous gunman.

Dramatic dash cam video released Tuesday, April 14 shows a police officer using his cruiser to ram the armed suspect, Valencia, sending him flying in the air before the car smashes into a wall.

Prosecutors cleared Marana Police Officer Michael Rapiejko of any wrongdoing after he swerved around another officer who had been cautiously tailing the robbery suspect, then accelerated and rammed into the man's back on Feb. 19.

The videos show Mario Valencia, 36, cart-wheeling through the air in the instant before the cruiser breaks through a retaining wall, shattering its windshield. Rapiejko, 34, and other officers then jump out from all over, guns drawn, to make sure Valencia stays down.

The maneuver abruptly resolved what police called a violent crime spree by Valencia, who allegedly threatened officers with a stolen hunting rifle and fired a shot moments before the crash. Valencia allegedly stole the .30-.30 rifle from a Wal-Mart after police said he tried to set a church on fire, invaded a home and stole a car.

Experts in police training and tactics say the video illustrates the split-second decisions officers must make in life-or-death situations, and appeared to be completely justified, considering that an erratic suspect was firing a long-range weapon.

Still, they call it anything but a textbook maneuver — and one that police chiefs everywhere should tell their officers not to repeat. "It is an outrageous video without a doubt, and anybody watching that is going to have that reaction," said Jim Bueermann, a former police chief who leads the Police Foundation, a nonprofit dedicated to improving policing.

"The problem," Bueermann said, "is that it is not as simple as a police officer doing a crazy thing. It is an excellent example of how difficult policing can be." Valencia survived the crash, apparently without suffering serious injury.

So did the officer, who returned to regular duty after a standard three-day leave. Rapiejko joined the department last year after about nine years as an officer in Tucson and New York, and he doesn't have any disciplinary or use of force history in Marana, Sgt. Chris Warren said.

Warren said Rapiejko had only seconds to react before he entered the parking lot of a business, where bystanders could have been at risk. "It's not something you see every day, definitely, but the officer was thinking outside the box and made a good tactical decision," Warren said.

Valencia now faces several felony charges, including assault on an officer. Using a car as a weapon is considered an "unconventional tactic" and is not part of any standard training, said Lou Salseda, a retired sergeant with the Los Angeles Police who taught tactics at the department's academy.

Standard procedure calls for isolating and containing a gunman, but in this case, because of the rifle's range, the perimeter would have had to extend for hundreds of yards, requiring vast reinforcements and logistics. In the meantime, an active shooter could have taken hostages or posed additional threats to responding officers, experts say.

Because the suspect was walking around with a weapon that could easily penetrate building walls, cars and bulletproof vests, the officer was justified in effectively turning his cruiser into a "3,000-pound bullet," said Ken Cooper, a New York-based use-of-force and firearms trainer.

"This officer acted assertively, not aggressively, deciding that citizens and fellow officers were in imminent danger," Cooper said. "While officers are not trained to use vehicles as bullets, his quick 'out of the box' actions absolutely saved the lives of others."

Police did not release the entire videos. The segments made public show Valencia walking with a rifle down a busy business corridor. At one point, Valencia points the rifle at himself and threatens to kill himself. At another, Valencia shoots the rifle into the sky.

One of the dash-cam videos was recorded from the cruiser of an officer driving slowly, about a half-block behind Valencia. "Be prepared," that officer tells colleagues approaching in other cars. "Stand off, stand off, the gun is loaded!"

Moments later, Rapiejko accelerated past the first cruiser and rammed into Valencia's back, shocking his colleague. "Oh, Jesus Christ, man down!" the first officer shouts as police swarm the scene, guns drawn.

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Arizona officer rams police cruiser into suspect       April 2015
I think the answer is no, not worth a war with Russia over Crimea. And if it's not worth a war, it's smart not to make threats that could move us closer to such a war if the threats don't work.
Army veteran on medical marijuana: 'It calms the whirlwind'

PASCO COUNTY Florida  --  April  2015

Mathew Young's case is just another example of the debate over medical marijuana in Florida, and now his lawyer wants to bring that debate to a Pasco County courtroom with the hopes of helping his client receive the one thing that gives him a somewhat normal life.

Young, 45, is a U.S. Army veteran.

"I've suffered somewhere around 30 concussions (and) shrapnel wounds from roadside bombs," said Young, who fought in Iraq.
The deeper wounds, Young said, were losing close friends — including his best friend, this guy is a true hero!

"I hid myself in a 12-by-12 bedroom and couldn't face the world," he said.

While serving for the U.S. Department of State as a medic in Iraq, Young said he contracted AIDS from working on injured soldiers. Now, his wheelchair is just one of the few side effects that he says acme as a result of his medication and this is shameful of Florida Law Makers to ignore !.

Those side effects were unbearable at one point, he said.
"I was dying," Young said. "I was basically living in a bed and weighed about 128 pounds."

Young said medical marijuana has helped decrease the side effects — and the pain.

"The wheelchair was in storage, and I was able to do part of living life as a man," he said.
The U.S. Army released its monthly suicide report, offering a preliminary tally for 2012 in that branch: 325 "potential" suicides among active and reserve troops — the highest number in history, Army officials noted. More than 50 of those deaths remain "under investigation," awaiting a final ruling. If that bleak total remains at 325, the toll in 2012 would have risen by 15 percent over 2011 when the Army sustained 283 suicides.

Meanwhile, Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America, a nonprofit advocacy group representing more than 200,000 members, said the nation should be "outraged" by rate of veterans who are taking their own lives — nearly one per hour as a result of severe pain and or depression.  Inside sources for the United States Military hinted that Medical Marijuana could have saved lives it helps to relieve many negative effects once the men and women return home from their duty.

Referring back to Mr Young. 
Medical marijuana also kept Young's PTSD at bay, adding: "It calms the whirlwind that swarms through my head."

Young said doctors told him he was a fit candidate for medical marijuana.

He was given paperwork from a Jacksonville-based law firm that explained his medical conditions. The paperwork didn't help him last year, however, when Young and his partner were arrested on trafficking, possession and manufacturing medical marijuana charges more then likely intended for themselves.

Shawn Gearhart, who is Young's lawyer, said his client isn't a criminal.

"He is a patient," Gearhart said. "It's obvious that he needs this medical cannabis to control the side effects of these other drugs he is taking and live a normal life."

Two of the charges have since been dropped, and now Gearhart is working on dropping the last one, as well as fighting for Young’s right to use medical marijuana.

"There is millions of Floridians that can benefit from whole flower cannabis that are dealing with debilitating diseases," Gearhart said.   I don't get it what the hell is the hold up this reporter notes !

For Mathew's partner, the benefits of medical marijuana make a world of difference.

"Our days are smooth, you are not tiptoeing around him," Lynne Nesselroad said. "You feel like you're living in the same world."

Young's pretrial starts Monday and, if convicted, he could face up to five years in prison.

A sick person has the right to be pain free without ridicule from the DEA, pharmacists and Doctor's are trained to know their patients needs, grant it there were reckless Doctors who operated Pill Mills that had to be shut down but there should have been sympathetic guidelines put in place for the terminally ill and those with dictating health conditions including our hero's returning from war to protect those very people who are opposed of legalizing it this is torture in itself !  how could this be ignored. The DEA need to aggression to streets where drug the real dealers offer an open market offering any dangerous drug you want. 

He's talking about the number of pain pills he can dispense each month most pharmacists know their patients/customers, they have a pharmacology degree and are legally licensed.  In 2011, Governor Rick Scott worked with lawmakers to crack down on Florida's notorious pill mills leaving everyone to suffer even those with proven legitimate chronic illnesses.   He hasn't even considered legalizing Medical Marijuana he's clearly a blind man who doesn't care for the sick.  He puts junkies on the very same pain level as our solders returning home with real chronic pain.
It would be a great idea to see Florida Governor Rick Scot suffering with chronic pain and denied a natural grown drug that could put quality back into his life but NO his selfish ass lifestyle has no understanding how important it truly is to legalize Medical Marijuana to those who need it. I get a picture of him sitting around with his buddy's drinking alcohol forgetting those solders in Iraq fighting for his freedom.  He just makes me sick !  

Florida used to be a destination for those seeking prescription pain med's.  Pill mills littered I-95. A First Coast News investigation from 2011 found the parking lots filled with out of state plates however it doesn't make it right to punish those who can prove they live in Florida and need pain relief, right now we need to come together to advocate Medical Marijuana Legal here in Florida for those with serious war injury's and others Floridians with debilitating diseases that are terminal, this should not even be a debate.

I am permitting ANYONE who would like to write a story onFlorida Medical Marijuana here in Florida and if it sound good I promise to publish it here on the front page where it remains for 30 days, I publish the articles for 30 days to be sure that more people will have the chance to see the articles.
Use this link to send your story on why you think Medical Marijuana or Recreational Marijuana Legal in Florida and neighboring states.

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Top 10 Highest Paying States for Pharmacy Technicians

    Start      Salary (hourly)
1. California       $16.86
2. Washington  $16.72
3. Alaska  $16.34
4. Hawaii  $16.04
5. District /Col   $15.88
6. Oregon           $15.61
7. Nevada          $15.10
8. Colorado       $14.75
9. Utah      $14.05
10. Rhode Ind   $14.00

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Good Pharmacy technicians
are in demand!

The ever-increasing amount of people on medications, and the growing number of new pharmaceuticals themselves, make a career as a pharmacy tech highly desirable.

Pharmacy tech's work under pharmacists preparing medications by mixing, counting, and labeling dosages. Some pharmacy tech's receive on-the-job training while others complete two-year associate’s programs.

A job as a pharmacy tech can lead to many new career paths with advanced training and education.
Citizens Published Story
Topic ; Legalizing Medical Marijuana

The story's below are from those who feel that Florida should legalize Medical
Marijuana and why.  Use the blue "Contact Us" button to the left to send in your
story so we can publish it, but mostly spread the news.
249,000 visitors daily
Can We Trust Russia Pres... ? !

ODESSA, UKRAINE | The crisis in the Ukraine is a highly-dangerous situation. Few people outside the country know what is going on in the nation of 45 million people.  Confusion reigns over the region, after Vladimir Putin carried out a Russian invasion of Crimea.

The prime minister there announced most of the military has surrendered to his pro-Russian government. Sergei Aksyonov asserted he has control over the peninsula, even as Ukrainian troops continue to fight the invasion.

The Black Sea Fleet under command of Russia is planning to support their troops in the nation. Unrest resulted in the ouster of Viktor Yanukovych, the one-time president of the Ukraine. Russian leaders claim he requested Russian assistance.

The prime minister stated "There is no safety threat to human life in Crimea." Not everyone agrees with that optimistic assessment.

Nicolai Petro is a Fulbright research scholar, and a professor of politics at the University of Rhode Island. He has recently written many articles talking about life in the Ukraine during this crisis that could threaten the existence of the nation.

Questions or Suggestions email me @
Click here to see  shocking Prescription Medication Video

     HEREdd text.
The suspect's defense lawyer called it excessive and unjustified. "In watching the video, I think it was clear that it was not the appropriate action and that my client was not threatening to anybody except for himself," attorney Michelle Cohen Metzger said Wednesday.
"There is no person alive that I will ever be that close to again," Young said. The scars of war left Young with post-traumatic stress disorder.
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.. We've been encouraged to discriminate based on age," he explained.  Shame on Florida!

There's no law on the books putting a cap on pain pill sales, but the pressure from the DEA, is a different story.

"Now we turn down a lot of patients who are cancer patients, HIV/AIDS, sickle cell anemia patients, that the untrained person can look at and see that they have a serious medical condition ... and those are the people we can't fill prescriptions for ... because we don't have the supply. We can't get the medication this is cruel and can be corrected," said the pharmacist.

With limited medication, he said he's been advised to pick and choose who he serves.
"Some of the things they've tried to get us to institute are criminal background checks on patients ...They told me if they've been arrested, not necessarily convicted, in their lifetime of a drug or alcohol event that would deny them medication for the rest of their life." is this fair! what does a dying/ terminal ill person have to do with his or her criminal record, so basically if I have stage 4 cancer or full blown AIDS (the worst) then I will be refused pain medications? who the hell came up with this idea is absolutely in sane this is something Hitler would have impose on the people.

Wendorff said she has never abused or been arrested for drugs, but her age could play a role in why she has been denied.

"One of the unwritten rules is no one below the age of 35. I can tell you we've turned down several wounded warriors who can't get their medicine ... We've been encouraged to discriminate based on age," he explained.  Shame on Florida!
UF Health Clinical Pharmacist Joseph Cammilleri said, "From working in pain management everyday I think it's a huge deal ...

I know a lot of pharmacies that won't even order the medications anymore just because they don't want to deal with that type of clientele or deal with extra scrutiny from the DEA."  I hope you publish this story thank you a million

I strongly believe its time for Medical Marajuana

Florida-Connect Reporter - Davis  Clover

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Its time to legalize Medical Marijuana

Florida law enforcement done a good job of keeping those pill junkies out of our state Florida however law makers failed to create a system that would authorize pharmacists the ease of filling pain medications for those with diseases, terminal diseases, severe medical conditions, after operations, cancer, and HIV/AIDS.

I have Breast Cancer and my Doctor prescribed me Oycodone for my pain some nights I cant sleep and the cancer is moving into my lungs now.  BUT despite the fact that my doctor writes me pain medications no one will fill them, my husband and I find ourselves pharmacy hopping and this isn't fair it's torture and sometimes while were surfing the state to find a pharmacy to fill my pain med's we have to pull over to the side of the road so I can vomit.

I even tell the pharmacist that I have cancer and beg for him or her to fill it and im told one or all of the following : 
1. Oh im sorry we don't have this in stock which are 95% lies the truth is they do not know me.  I actually watched one pharmacy fill Oxycodone after telling me just 20 minutes ago they were all out or they only have three pills left in stock.

2. Oh I cant fill this because your out of your district, the pharmacy can only fill your pills that is no further then 30 miles from your home address.
3.  We haven't carried these pills in a long time.  CVS is a huge chain store and they don't carry a familiar pain medication !
4.  Were all out but you can stop back next week.
5. Or I cant fill this right now because I first need to call your doctor then the insurance company and I may not even have them in.

You get the message, and its ALWAYS those fucking dot heads or so called Indians that hate filling pain medication, that's called profiling and its illega
So I called the Drug Enforcement Agency DEA and told them my problem and they tell me that its illegal for them to not fill your prescription, or if they don't have it in stock they have to find a pharmacy for you that can fill them.  Which is a joke !  I fed up with suffering day after day, no sleep, its terrible so I tried Marijuana and it actually helped my pain but I cant continue to smoke it because my doctor does random drug tests and would discharge me from his practice if its found in me then I will have a new problem finding another doctor. 

This flaw requires immediate action beginning with Governor Rick Scott's office.  Please call his office and write to him and ask your friends to do the same I cant do this alone and i'm so tired of crying in pain.

Thank you for publishing my story.

Story by Troy Wilkinson FL.

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Legalising Medical Marajuana.
Its time to legalize Medical Marijuana Florida

Sent in by Anomalously

Florida law enforcement done a good job of keeping those pill junkies out of our state Florida however law makers failed to create a system that would authorize pharmacists the ease of filling pain medications  their Doctor diagnoses appropriate without questions and threats of loosing their medical license.  This crackdown proved necessary but is causing the already sick unnecessary pain.  This flaw requires immediate action beginning with Governor Rick Scott's office.  See below how to send your letter to his office at the end of this article.  If your not sure how to word your petition just be truthful about how this new law is effecting your health, be polite.

Story by Donna Wilkerson FL.
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Leading Story Heats Up !

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We are currently conducting an investigation alleging that APMEX a Silver Bullion Precious Metals Retailer continues to defraud its customers. 

If you  experienced unprofessional, fraud or positive customer service we want to hear from you, please email your story @ Contact Us. 

You must provide either a name and or email as there are two sides of a story to consider.
Thank you

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