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Dr. Grinstead Urges You To Support the Florida's FFPCA's Fight Against 
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"There's No Question The Use Of Chemical Weapons Show An App
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A Russian serviceman standing guard outside a Ukrainian military base in Perevalnoye, near the Crimean city of Simferopol, on Friday.
Four questions, plus ink-stained wretched tentative answers, about Ukraine:

Would it be worth the United States getting into a war with Russia over Crimea?

The perpetual saber-rattlers — who argue that President Obama should get tougher, do more, draw red lines, do something involving a threat of U.S. military power to back up some kind of demand on Russia to change its course — should answer that question. They seem to believe that if the United States did things like that, bad guys (like Russian President Vladimir Putin) wouldn't try bad things (like taking over Crimea). Maybe they are right. I think it's not that simple. But on the slight chance that they might be wrong, they need to acknowledge the possibility that when you threaten to use military force, you are threatening war. And if you threaten war often enough, you are going to get into some. In my lifetime, most of the wars we've gotten ourselves into have turned out not to be worth it. Even little ones. But this would theoretically be the first ever war between two nuclear powers.

The Obama administration's tactic to date of threatening (and imposing) various forms of economic and diplomatic consequences is fine with me. They may not work. Very likely, they will not work, if by "work" one means that Crimea is prevented from rejoining Russia. But those kind of measures can certainly a impose a "cost" that can serve as

"Residents have told me that road safety is one of their main concerns and I am determined to tackle this problem during my term in office.

"I would like to see communities becoming more involved in playing their part in making Sussex safer.

“Safer roads and communities can only be created by working together and sharing the roads responsibly."

a deterrent to future similar actions.

Does the United States favor democracy?

Even to ask the question may be apostasy. But my answer is that the United States has a strong abstract preference for democracy. In abstract theory, we believe that every country in the world should be ruled with the consent of the governed, as expressed through elections. But in concrete cases, our preference for democracy is strong mostly when it produces pro-American leaders.  Our preference slides rapidly down a sliding scale in countries where we have "vital interests" or "strategic interests" or at least some kind of "interests" (which turns out to be most countries). Then the abstract preference for democracy declines a bit and the concrete preference for leaders who understand and are sensitive to our interests gains strength.

Since rising to superpowerhood, the United States has a long, embarrassing history of long, cozy relationships with kings and dictators. Our country also has a long and even more embarrassing history of overthrowing (or helping or organizing the overthrow of) elected leaders. We've just been through a U.S. switcheroo on Egypt from a long alliance with the dictator Hosni Mubarak to mild support for the overthrow of the dictator, to not liking the guy (Mohamed Morsi) who was the first-ever democratically elected leader of Egypt, to mildly endorsing the takeover by the current military dictatorship. In Iran, the U.S. overthrew the only legitimately elected leader ever (Mossadegh), loved the unelected Shah who was a staunch U.S. ally, and despised (it's mutual) the revolution that overthrew the Shah and turned into the mullahocracy that threw us out. Guatemala, Chile, Nicaragua are three of the most famous Latin American instances where Washington preferred pro-American dictatorships to the available alternatives.

Russhia Readys their largest artilary agains the USA.

With such a track record, I continue even in my dotage to be impressed with the attraction so many Americans have to the tactic of turning matters such as this into morality tales in which we are so much more sinned against than sinning.

Me, I have no sympathy for the kleptocrat Viktor Yanukovych nor the autocrat Vladimir Putin (who has the obnoxious and not very democratic habit of throwing his critics in prison and whose ridiculous straight-faced and bare-faced lie that the Russian soldiers taking over Crimea were not Russian soldiers demonstrated an impressive level of contempt for maintaining even an appearance of honesty).

But I note that both were elected to their presidencies. No, not in elections up to the standards of freeness and fairness we expect of our own. But after all, outside of North America and Western Europe, there are a relative few that meet that standard. Judged on the curve of relatively fledgling democracies, the "legitimacy" of Putin's and Yanukovich's mandates get some kind of mediocre passing grade. At least the United States recognized them as legitimate at the time they were elected.

Then Yanukovich angered several elements of his own population and his allies by deciding to align with Russia on economic matters, when his domestic opponents (and the United States and its allies) preferred that Ukraine align with the European Union. Next thing, riots in the streets, now known as the Euromaidan protests, demanding that Yanukovich reverse his decision or resign. The protesters comprised a coalition of some admirable reformers and some thugs with Nazi sympathies. Of course if it was all about democracy, the proper course for the superpower of democracy would have been to counsel the protesters to stay within the law and, if necessary, wait until the next election and vote Yanukovich out.


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Should the U.S. go to war with Russia over Ukraine?
I think the answer is no, not worth a war with Russia over Crimea. And if it's not worth a war, it's smart not to make threats that could move us closer to such a war if the threats don't work.
Legal prescriptions. Real pain. Why can't you get your prescriptions for pain medications filled?. 

Florida new pain pill laws leave the terminally ill to suffer !

This Pahrmacist doesn't seem too happy With Her Job can we depend on parmacist

Patients with legitimate prescriptions who are truly in pain can't get the medicine they need. Silent Cures team Investigates digging deep for answers.

"The intensity of the pain is just awful. There are some days I just have to make myself get out of bed because it hurts so bad," explained Amanda Wendorff. 

The Middleburg mother of four suffers from a painful genetic condition.

"My three boys and I we all have Chiari malformations ... where your brain basically herniates out of your spinal column and compresses on your spinal cord," said Wendorff.

For the past two years, she said she been on Percocet and a Fentanyl Patch, medicine prescribed by her pain management doctor.  "In the past six months, it has been almost impossible to find my medication. I have to drive from pharmacy to pharmacy finding medication."

It's the same story for thousands of Floridians which Florida-Connect begins search for answers and a are gearing up a petition for submition for a resolution.
"There are several times that I take a lower dosage for the pain medication than what is prescribed for and the reason I do that is for a buffer. Something to hold on to me in case I have to go and hunt," said John Shoenecker.

The prescriptions are legal. The patients have legitimate pain. So why can't they get the medications they need?  "It appears there are limits imposed by the Drug Enforcement Administration, that they imposed limits at the wholesale level and forced wholesalers to impose limits on pharmacies," said a pharmacist whose name we will not reveal in fear of a backlash from the DEA.  "They view pharmacists as criminals ...They use intimidation it's just not right. We were told we had to be at the state average or else. So you get to the state average wich isn't nearly enough," said the pharmacist.

A sick person has the right to be pain free without ridicule from the DEA, pharmacists and Doctor's are trained to know their patients needs, grant it there were reckless Doctors who operated Pill Mills that had to be shut down but there should have been sympatetic guidlines put in place for the terminally ill and those with dibitating health conditions, how could this be ignored. The DEA need to agression to streets where drug the real dealers offer an open market offering any dangerous drug you want. 

He's talking about the number of pain pills he can dispense each month most pharmacists know their patients/customers, they have a pharmacology degree and are legally licensed.  In 2011, Governor Rick Scott worked with lawmakers to crack down on Florida's notorious pill mills and the doctors who overprescribed addictive narcotics like Oxycontin to those with little or no serious medical condition such as Cancer, HIV/AIDS, Shingles, broken bones, painful surgeries and spinal injuries including numerous other conditions however this crackdown offered absolutely no policy to protect those suffering from terminal illnesses who clearly need these pain medications. 

Florida used to be a destination for those seeking prescription pain meds.  Pill mills littered I-95. A First Coast News investigation from 2011 found the parking lots filled with out of state plates.

Florida law enforcement done a good job of keeping those pill junkies out of our state Florida however law makers failed to create a system that would aurthorize pharmacists the ease of filling pain medications  their Doctor diagnoses appropreate without questions and threats of loosing their medical license.  This crackdown proved nesissary but is causing the already sick unessisary pain control.  This flaw requires immidiate action begining with   Governor Rick Scott's office.  See below how to send your letter to his office at the end of this article.  If your not sure how to word your petition just be truthful about how this new law is effecting your health, be polite.

There's no law on the books putting a cap on pain pill sales, but the pressure from the DEA, is a different story.

"Now we turn down a lot of patients who are cancer patients, HIV/AIDS, sickle cell anemia patients, that the untrained person can look at and see that they have a serious medical condition ... and those are the people we can't fill prescriptions for ... because we don't have the supply. We can't get the medication this is cruel and can be corrected," said the pharmacist.

With limited medication, he said he's been advised to pick and choose who he serves.
"Some of the things they've tried to get us to institute are criminal background checks on patients ...They told me if they've been arrested, not necessarily convicted, in their lifetime of a drug or alcohol event that would deny them medication for the rest of their life." is this fair! what does a dying/ terminal ill person have to do with his or her crinimal record, so basically if I have stage 4 cancer or full blown AIDS (the worst) then I will be refused pain medications? who the hell came up with this idea is absolutely in sane this is something Hitler would have impose on the people.

Wendorff said she has never abused or been arrested for drugs, but her age could play a role in why she has been denied.

"One of the unwritten rules is no one below the age of 35. I can tell you we've turned down several wounded warriors who can't get their medicine ... We've been encouraged to discriminate based on age," he explained.  Shame on Florida!
UF Health Clinical Pharmacist Joseph Cammilleri said, "From working in pain management everyday I think it's a huge deal ...

I know a lot of pharmacies that won't even order the medications anymore just because they don't want to deal with that type of clientele or deal with extra scrutiny from the DEA."

Florida-Connect Reporter - Davis Desalvotre

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Top 10 Highest Paying States for Pharmacy Technicians

    Start      Salary (hourly)
1. California       $16.86
2. Washington  $16.72
3. Alaska  $16.34
4. Hawaii  $16.04
5. District /Col   $15.88
6. Oregon           $15.61
7. Nevada          $15.10
8. Colorado       $14.75
9. Utah      $14.05
10. Rhode Ind   $14.00

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Good Pharmacy technicians
are in demand!

The ever-increasing amount of people on medications, and the growing number of new pharmaceuticals themselves, make a career as a pharmacy tech highly desirable.

Pharmacy techs work under pharmacists preparing medications by mixing, counting, and labeling dosages. Some pharmacy techs receive on-the-job training while others complete two-year associate’s programs.

A job as a pharmacy tech can lead to many new career paths with advanced training and education.
Thumbs Up: CVS

Reader Haybetsy says: "CVS Pharmacy and its pharmacists always have gone out of their way to be helpful and informative with all of our prescriptions.  Best of all if they don't lie to their customers, if they don't have it in stock then you can bet it's not,  Windixy Pharmacies are good for misleading their customers with lies !  We are a family of five and have used CVS exclusively for the past 9 years and I can only speak high praise of CVS... as they go above & beyond what any other pharmacy has ever done and they do it with kindness & concern. When out of state, my husband forgot one of his medications and the CVS pharmacist in Ocean City, N.J. was able to pull up his prescriptions and fill the order for just 2 pills until we were back home in Pennsylvania."

(AP Photo/Lisa Poole, file)

Thumbs Up: Rite Aid

Reader CROUSER304 says: "I have found no better pharmacy than Rite Aid. They are the most courteous, friendly and caring. They watch for interaction when you take several different meds. They will also fill a prescription at any store if you are traveling and they will tell you about generic substitution to save you money, if it is true to the dosage. And to [be able to] shop for other needs while waiting is great. The prescription is always ready before I am."

(AP Photo/Steven Senne)

Thumbs Up: Walgreens

Reader mill1962dr says: "Walgreens is very helpful from the time I walk in the door. Also, anytime day or night I call for advice on drugs, the are so very kind. Their customer service is the greatest."

(AP Photo/Steven Senne)
Thumbs Up: Windixy Pharmacy

Reader says: "I have found no better pharmacy than Brooksville Windixy 31100 Brooksville, FL 34610
  They are courteous, friendly and caring. They watch for interaction when you take several different meds. I have been with this Windixy for 4+ years and we have had our up's and down's but we always' manage to work through it. 

Harry the pharmacy manager is a really great guy and very professional I just hope he get's paid well for all the riff raff people give him at times.  I feel comfortable showing and sharing with him my physical health such as- he's seen my Shingle outbreak ,  Papoloma Virus, and MRSA. I never felt as comfortable telling Harry my health problems to anyone else but my doctor's, he's just one of the good guy's !

Oh and before I forget, those beautiful kind hearted women or pharmacy Tecs that work here couldn't be any kinder they deserve the best !   And then there is Arief he's another pharmacist here he's a good guy we sometimes have problems connecting with eachother.  He's always' busy, busy non stop maybe this is why he sometimes appears lost.  Anyhow he's a good guy.  Windixy has my number #1 vote, my only problem is the misleading date's of...

I love them all God Bless  

By Vinnie Mancinelli / Site ceo/owner

Most Favorite Drugstore or
Pharmacy: Target

Most Favorite Drugstore or Pharmacy: Target
It's all good for Target pharmacy customers. Not only were we inundated with positive feedback from customers of the big box retailer, but unlike the stand-alone drug stores or its other competitors, we heard nary a peep from any unsatisfied shoppers.

Here are some of the comments that won Target the title of favorite drug store or pharmacy in our survey of reader submissions:

Reader Teds1000 says: "I have been going to Target for all my drug needs for 12 years. Everything has been perfect every time. The employees always take the time to show me my drugs, even the ones I have taken for years. [They] always ask if I have any questions. Their prices are the best around ... and I can get a Starbucks and do some shopping while I pick up my prescriptions! Perfect! "

Reader Gpamaxwell says: "My favorite drug store is Target. The prices are low, the service is excellent and they offer auto-refill services. We have shopped at our local Target for 5 years now and everybody greets us and treats us like family. When a prescription is dropped off, they call us at home when it is ready to be picked up. They also color-code the bottle with different colored neck rings so different members of the family don't get their medications mixed up. If a particular prescription has exhausted all of it's refills, they will contact the doctor's office for OK and if you are completely out they will give you enough pills to carry you over until the doctor sends his approval."

Reader RP1952 says: "The Target Pharmacy chain is the best out there. Their pharmacists and customer service people are very educated and care about their customers. They constantly monitor your [existing] meds with new ones that you bring in and ask about over the counter and supplements that you currently use. They also recommend less expensive or generic medication for the scripts you bring in and offer to call your doctor to find out if that substitution can be made. Target's $4.00 drug list is more extensive than any other pharmacy that I have researched."

(AP Photo/Paul Sakuma)

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Best Rate Pharmacies in Florida

The testimonies your about real have not been altered or edited, what you read is what one or more people feel about that particular pharmacy.  If you have questions on this topic please email Vincent M, CEO/Owner
209,000 visitors daily 
Click here to see Floridas Top Rated Pharmacists

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Can We Trust Russia Pres... ? !

ODESSA, UKRAINE | The crisis in the Ukraine is a highly-dangerous situation. Few people outside the country know what is going on in the nation of 45 million people.  Confusion reigns over the region, after Vladimir Putin carried out a Russian invasion of Crimea.

The prime minister there announced most of the military has surrendered to his pro-Russian government. Sergei Aksyonov asserted he has control over the peninsula, even as Ukrainian troops continue to fight the invasion.

The Black Sea Fleet under command of Russia is planning to support their troops in the nation. Unrest resulted in the ouster of Viktor Yanukovych, the one-time president of the Ukraine. Russian leaders claim he requested Russian assistance.

The prime minister stated "There is no safety threat to human life in Crimea." Not everyone agrees with that optimistic assessment.

Nicolai Petro is a Fulbright research scholar, and a professor of politics at the University of Rhode Island. He has recently written many articles talking about life in the Ukraine during this crisis that could threaten the existence of the nation.

Questions or Suggestions email me @
Click here to see  shocking Prescription Medication Video

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